Professional Headshot Tips

How to get ready for your headshots session

How to get ready for your headshot session

From a casual look to a business look, the secret

is to know your style and dress with confidence. 

For a successful professional headshots session, be yourself and feel comfortable. Hair and makeup, the clothes you wear and your attitude have a great impact on the outcome of your headshots photos.

Hair and makeup for headshots


Aim for a natural makeup look that makes you look like the best version of yourself. Don’t use mineral makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They can create foundation flashback which is a very unattractive glow and shine on the skin. Bring your lipstick or lip gloss, and a compact makeup set for the last minute touch up if necessary. Freshly washed hair looks best. Make sure to style in a way that is familiar to you. Bring your own brush and comb for last minute touch-ups.



Learn how keeping your makeup natural is key. Use makeup as a tool to enhance your features and make you feel amazing during your professional headshots session.


Get a haircut a couple of days before your headshot photography session. Trim down your beard and mustache to get rid of split ends. Use a beard wash before your headshot session for a clean, fresh look. If you need, we’ll give you a translucent face powder to reduce shine and help reduce skin imperfections.

Hair and beard for headshots


Learn five grooming tips any guy can do to prepare your facial hair for your headshot session. Including tips on how to strengthen your jawline.

What to wear for headshots

How should a woman’s suit fit?

Learn how women’s business suit should fit in a very particular way and make you look professional and polished during your headshots session.

How to know if if a suit fits

Learn a few tips in order to know if your suit fits properly to achieve during your professional headshots in San Francisco.

How to tie a windsor knot

Learn how to tie a Windsor Knot so you can look perfect for your professional headshots session in San Francisco.

Is your skin warm or cool?

Learn the difference between skin tone and an undertone. Why it is important to know your undertone? So you can wear colors that enhance your look during your professional headshots in San Francisco.

Which colors work for your skin tone

Learn how to determine your skin type. Then how to pick the colors of clothes that work well with your skin tone so you can look amazing for your Bay Area headshots.

Update your headshots. Look confident. Build trust. Make connections.