Being yourself and feeling comfortable with what you wearing is a huge part of the success of your headshot photography session. Hair and makeup, the clothes you wear and your attitude have a great impact on the outcome of your headshots. From a casual look to a business look, the secret is to know your style and dress with confidence. 


We highly recommend that you work with a professional hair and makeup stylist that is skilled with makeup for professional photography. We work with a team of professionals that are skilled in delivering the best results for professional headshot photography sessions.

If you choose to do hair and makeup yourself, aim for a natural makeup look that makes you look like the best version of yourself.

Stay away from using mineral makeup and makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as it can create foundation flashback which is a very unattractive glow and shine on the skin. 


We strongly recommend that you get a haircut and groomed before your headshot or portrait photography session. At the headshot studio, we can supply a translucent face powder that reduces shine and help reduce skin imperfections. 

If you are planning to wear a suit and a tie, here's a few tips to help you look sharp for your professional photo session.

Natural Makeup for Headshots

How Should a Women's Business Suit Fit?

How to Know if a Suit Fits

How to Tie a Windsor Knot


What to wear for a headshot session? Pick a color palette that suits your skin tone as well as your brand. We recommend that you bring more outfits that you think you need so you can have multiple options to choose from. We don’t know how an outfit looks on camera until we photograph it. Having multiples ensures we have options to work with.

Is your skin warm or cool?

Which colors work for your skin tone