Do You Think Adding a Photo of Yourself to Your Business Card is an Outdated Practice? Think Again!

Headshots for business cards

Have you ever exchanged business cards during a network event with someone only to wonder later what that person looked like? Or worst yet, you forgot the details of your conversation? 

Sure, you have a vague recollection of your interaction. You may even have scribbled something on the card, only to find out that your really tiny note is not triggering enough details to send a thoughtful email. Now you have to resort to that cookie cutter template … aka, “I really don’t recall who you are but hey, I am reaching out to invite you for coffee.... yep, even though I have no idea who to look for when I arrive at our coffee meeting.”

Having a photo of yourself on your business card may seem like an old school practice.  However, imagine if your prospects never have to wonder what you look like and never have to feel awkward about reaching out to you.

Bonus point if you make a statement with your photo so you can stand out from from the pile of cards sitting at  your prospect’s desk.  

Tip: Make sure to wear your brand colors for you headshot session! It helps build your brand identity and people will come to identify your brand when they the color you wear.

To me, a business card is a small brochure... It’s as much a marketing piece as your website, your brochure or anything else that you do.
— Don Crowther via