Are You a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur Looking to Build a Trustworthy Brand?

Are you taking charge of your own narrative and showing your ideal clients and prospects who you are so they can feel at easy and know upfront who they are going to be doing business with?

Do you have a profile image that can be used as a tool to attract your ideal clients and create that initial connection that makes for successful business transactions?

If not, it’s okay to start small. One professional headshot is a great start to building a trustworthy brand that attracts your ideal clients. 

Tip: Make sure to communicate with your chosen photographer the message you want to convey! You'll be amazed how much a professional headshot can help you stand out from the crowd.

You need a good-quality business photo for your website, LinkedIn profile and articles you write for industry publications as well as to give to journalists who request it. People who want to do business with you might want to see what you look like. Regardless of your expertise, a bad photo sends the message “amateur.”
— Enterpreneur