What's the Best Professional Headshot Background?

Backdrop for Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits

Here are some suggestions on how to choose your backdrop based on how you want to use your professional headshot images:

  • Studio Headshots With Plain Backdrops:

These headshots are usually photographed indoors and against a plain backdrop color such as white, gray or black, or any other color that doesn’t have any visible patterns. The most common way in a photo studio to achieve this look is using seamless papers. Seamless papers can be custom ordered in many different colors.

We recommend headshot images with plain backdrops to be used for corporate directories and LinkedIn business profiles. For the LinkedIn headshots, we suggest a darker neutral backdrop such as medium gray or black to allow the face to be the focus of the image. 

  • Headshots and Portraits with an Environmental backdrop:

These headshots and portraits are meant to give the viewer an insight into the life of the subject, their work space, or their office space. 

These images are great for websites and other marketing materials and can help tell more of a story.

The video above shows samples of a headshot on plain color backdrop, on different textures, and a couple office spaces to showcase the effect different backdrops have on the same image.

Please schedule a consultation to discuss what’s the best type backdrop for your headshots and portrait photography needs.

Professional Headshot Photography | Session Coaching Process

Have you ever wonder how's it like to be photographed by a headshot specialist?

Here's a sample session to show you what can be accomplished in just FIVE MINUTES OF COACHING and directing someone who's in front of the camera for the first time.

Top image has been color corrected and slightly retouched. Bottom images are straight out of the camera and not retouched. Click the image to display a large size collage.

Don't Know What to Wear For Your Professional Headshot Session?

Here are 10 Fashion Tips for a Successful Headshot Photography Session

 What to wear for your headshot session
  • Choose outfits that are classic and won’t become quickly outdated.
  • Wear a color that is contrasting and flattering to your skin tone.  Choose darker or mid-tone colors because they tend to put more emphasis on your face and eyes. 
  • Avoid lighter colors or those that are too similar to your skin tone because they tend to wash you out.
  • Avoid bold plaids, and patterns like floral prints, checkers, polka dots, and stripes. These patterns can detract from your face and make the photo too busy. 
  • Choose jewelry to enhance and fine tune your outfit. Jewelry adds a complementary accent to your outfit, and draws attention to your face.  If jewelry is not worn, your photo may look unfinished, plain and boring.
  • The size of your earrings should be no less than the pupil of your eye and should not be too bold, flashy or dangly as to distract from your face.
  • Choose outfits with modest necklines and preferably sleeves. Too much skin can detract from your desired professional look.
  • Hair should be cut and styled in a flattering style.  
  • Makeup should be moderately applied. 
  • Make sure clothes are wrinkle free and fit properly.

10 Fashion Tips for a Successful Headshot Photography Session provided by Sylvia Montgomery image, etiquette expert and founder of Best Impressions Image Development Services located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Personal Branding Sessions | In Studio

Personal branding (a.k.a portrait photography) sessions are a simple but an effective way to get a set of images that can help you build or create your own brand. These images can be used as part of your BRAND STRATEGY and in a variety of promotional marketing materials online and in print, including custom and unique business cards, postcards, book covers, brochures, flyers, social media profiles and many other marketing collateral and sales support materials. 

Do You Think Adding a Photo of Yourself to Your Business Card is an Outdated Practice? Think Again!

Headshots for business cards

Have you ever exchanged business cards during a network event with someone only to wonder later what that person looked like? Or worst yet, you forgot the details of your conversation? 

Sure, you have a vague recollection of your interaction. You may even have scribbled something on the card, only to find out that your really tiny note is not triggering enough details to send a thoughtful email. Now you have to resort to that cookie cutter template … aka, “I really don’t recall who you are but hey, I am reaching out to invite you for coffee.... yep, even though I have no idea who to look for when I arrive at our coffee meeting.”

Having a photo of yourself on your business card may seem like an old school practice.  However, imagine if your prospects never have to wonder what you look like and never have to feel awkward about reaching out to you.

Bonus point if you make a statement with your photo so you can stand out from from the pile of cards sitting at  your prospect’s desk.  

Tip: Make sure to wear your brand colors for you headshot session! It helps build your brand identity and people will come to identify your brand when they the color you wear.

To me, a business card is a small brochure... It’s as much a marketing piece as your website, your brochure or anything else that you do.
— Don Crowther via Forbes.com

Reference: http://www.forbes.com/2010/08/17/business-card-networking-leadership-careers-employment.html

Personal Branding Photography Session | On Location

Are you ready to TELL YOUR STORY, build your ONLINE PRESENCE and WOW your IDEAL CLIENTS? On location personal branding photography sessions is the perfect photography tool to help expand your BRAND MESSAGE. This photography session allows for a variety of images to be created and gives you the ability to customize your website, promotional online and print materials and brand message all at once.

Are You a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur Looking to Build a Trustworthy Brand?

Are you taking charge of your own narrative and showing your ideal clients and prospects who you are so they can feel at easy and know upfront who they are going to be doing business with?

Do you have a profile image that can be used as a tool to attract your ideal clients and create that initial connection that makes for successful business transactions?

If not, it’s okay to start small. One professional headshot is a great start to building a trustworthy brand that attracts your ideal clients. 

Tip: Make sure to communicate with your chosen photographer the message you want to convey! You'll be amazed how much a professional headshot can help you stand out from the crowd.

You need a good-quality business photo for your website, LinkedIn profile and articles you write for industry publications as well as to give to journalists who request it. People who want to do business with you might want to see what you look like. Regardless of your expertise, a bad photo sends the message “amateur.”
— Enterpreneur


Enterpreneur.com: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237742

Personal Branding Portraits | Communicate With Color

 Branding, Business Portraits, Headshots - Emeryville, Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay Area

Pinks are related to romanticism, while purples can be contemplative and regal and is usually favored by eccentrics and creative types. Combining both colors and adding gray, creates a thought provoking combination that elicits a sense of mysticism.

According to Entrepreneur

"colors play a fairly substantial role in purchases and branding"

Choose colors to support your brand. #pinksuit

Don't Miss Out on Being Judged...

Headshots for LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn,

With a photo a LinkedIn profile gets up to

a photo can be the difference between getting overlooked and getting the job.
— LinkedIn
21 times more views, 36 times more messages and up to 9 times more connection requests.
— LinkedIn

If you don't have a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile you are missing out on being judged...  Yep, your ideal clients and your prospects are just skipping your profile altogether just because you don't have a professional profile photo.... #linkedinprofile

Reference: https://blog.linkedin.com/2014/07/14/a-professional-photographers-guide-to-getting-the-right-linkedin-profile-photo

Team Photos | Build Your Social Media Presence

Are you looking for team photos to build your website, use on you social media profiles and enhance your company's online presence? Portrait photography sessions can do just that. This Laney College team participated in the American Culinary Federation Group Competition and had an studio photo session to produce images to be used in online and in print promotional materials. Chef Jones in the middle. From left to right: Team lead Fernanda and team mates Sang, Dave and Mayra.