What's the Best Professional Headshot Background?

Backdrop for Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits

Here are some suggestions on how to choose your backdrop based on how you want to use your professional headshot images:

  • Studio Headshots With Plain Backdrops:

These headshots are usually photographed indoors and against a plain backdrop color such as white, gray or black, or any other color that doesn’t have any visible patterns. The most common way in a photo studio to achieve this look is using seamless papers. Seamless papers can be custom ordered in many different colors.

We recommend headshot images with plain backdrops to be used for corporate directories and LinkedIn business profiles. For the LinkedIn headshots, we suggest a darker neutral backdrop such as medium gray or black to allow the face to be the focus of the image. 

  • Headshots and Portraits with an Environmental backdrop:

These headshots and portraits are meant to give the viewer an insight into the life of the subject, their work space, or their office space. 

These images are great for websites and other marketing materials and can help tell more of a story.

The video above shows samples of a headshot on plain color backdrop, on different textures, and a couple office spaces to showcase the effect different backdrops have on the same image.

Please schedule a consultation to discuss what’s the best type backdrop for your headshots and portrait photography needs.

 What's The Best Professional Headshot Background